“Deel Klesso Ma Hahm!”

If you play Landstalker on an emulator, you may be using a ROM dump hacked to change the ending. Look for the name Rolia applied to the Princess; this was her name in the Japanese version. The hacks do not matter for most of the game, but you cannot get the Logs in the Labyrinth of Kazalt, so you cannot complete the game. For emulation, a hacked savestate in which you can get the logs used to be available at Phil Costin's website. For a while a pristine ROM dump was available at Genesis Power.


  • Schematic Map of the Isle of Mercator [PNG] [PDF]
    “Woe and death unto those who step into this land … ”
  • Floor Plans of the Waterfall Shrine [1|2]
  • Detailed Map of Greenmaze
  • Schematic Map of the Lake Shrine [PNG] [PDF]
    “Oh ... you ARE here! I'd better tell the Duke!”
  • Detailed Map of the Mountainous Region
  • Schematic Map of the Labyrinth of Kazalt
    “What a greedy man he was!”
  • Sheet Music

  • Transcription of the Dungeon Theme (Premonition of Trouble) [PDF]
  • Guides

  • Guide to Teleport Maze in Mir's Tower

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