The Colonel's Game Genie Codes

Here are the Game Genie codes that I have devised for N.E.S. games, collected from various pages of Crude ASCII Maps.

The Bard's TaleATSOOZOL Take no damage in battle.
ENVPYTLEInfinite magic in battle.
CrystalisALOOPPEI Enemies have no element immunities. Crystalis abounds with useful Game Genie codes, but it lacked this one.
Final FantasyATXXYTEZ Take no harm from physical attacks. Final Fantasy already had scores of Game Genie codes, but none that would do this.
AEXUIZLANo monster special attacks. This includes magic attacks. Physical attacks may still cause status ailments.
AGOAPATAWooden staff does 64 damage.
Final Fantasy IIAAUZLGLA No monster special attacks. Physical attacks may still cause status ailments.
Final Fantasy IIINNXOLYEE Enemies take no action. They just sit there while you hit them.
Kid IcarusSZUIKLSA No ordinary damage.
SKXGUYVGNo damage from floor hazards.
SZSLAPSANo damage from Medusa.
Legend of Zelda AEOANAEGFewer monsters.
AEVATVAANo zolas.In Zelda 64 they are called Zoras.
AOEUYTEYNo darkened rooms.
ZAVEIVXYBlue ring costs 2 rupies.
ZPOPTLYOLink has green hair in overworld. These codes are frivolous.
TLOEKYAKPlay one note flat in overworld music.
SLKEUVSYArmos Statue has 6 spots on shield.
KUOZSPKKChange trees into gravestones.
ATOXPYGNFill dungeons with sand.
(Earthbound Zero)
YEVLSYIA Invulnerability.Do not use this code while fighting R7038. It must wipe out your party to advance the game.
Ninja Gaiden
(Shadow Warrior)
SXXVYPSA Infinite energy.
WillowOLSNPKOO Never lose HP or MP.A killing hit will still kill you. This is unlikely to happen after you gain a few levels.

Last revised 2018-09-22.

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