Final Fantasy: Magic Spells

White Magic

1CURE100Restore 16–32 HP to one allyConeria
HARMDo 20–80 damage to all undead
FOGRaise one ally's defense +8
RUSERaise own evade +8
2LAMP400Cure darkness for one allyPravoka
MUTECast silence on enemies
ALITHalve allies' damage from LIT
INVSRaise one ally's evade +40
3CUR21,500Restore 33–66 HP to one allyElfland I
HRM2Do 40–60 damage to undead
AFIRHalve allies' damage from FIRE
HEALRestore 12–24 HP to all allies
4PURE4,000Cure poison for one allyElfland II
FEARScare enemies
AICEHalve allies' damage from ICE
AMUTCure mute for one ally
5CUR38,000Restore 66–132 HP to one allyMelmond
LIFERestore one ally to life
HRM3Do 60–240 damage to undead
HEL2Restore 24–48 HP to all allies ‡
6SOFT20,000Cure petrify for one allyCrescent
EXITLeave a dungeon or town
FOG2All allies' defense +12
INV2All allies' evade +40
7CUR445,000Restore all HP to one allyGaia
HRM4Do 80–320 damage to undead
ARUBProtect against RUBOnrac
HEL3Restore 48–96 HP to all allies
8LIF260,000Restore one ally to life and full HPLefein
FADEHeavy damage to all enemiesGaia
WALLProtect against magic
XFERAnnul one enemy's special defenses †

In the NES version, works only for enemies against allies.
In the NES version, restore 48–96 to all allies during battle.

Black Magic

1FIRE100Do 10–40 FIRE damage to one enemyConeria
SLEPPut enemies to sleep
LOCKEvade −20 for one enemy ‡
LITDo 10–40 LIT damage to one enemy
2ICE400Do 20–80 ICE damage to one enemyPravoka
DARKCast blind on enemies
TMPRAttack +14 for one ally †
SLOWReduce enemies' speed
3FIR21,500Do 30–120 FIRE damageElfland I
HOLDStop one enemy from attacking
LIT2Do 30–120 LIT damage
LOK2Evade −20 for all enemies §
4SLP24,000Put one enemy to sleep for several roundsElfland II
FASTIncrease one ally's speed
CONFConfuse enemies
ICE2Do 40–160 ICE damage
5FIR38,000Do 50–200 FIRE damageMelmond
BANEKill enemies outright
WARPGo one level lower in dungeon
SLO2Reduce enemies' speed for several rounds
6LIT320,000Do 60–240 LIT damageCrescent
RUBWipe out one enemy
QAKEOpen a chasm to engulf enemies
STUNParalyze one enemy
7ICE345,000Do 70–280 ICE damageGaia
BRAKShatter one enemy
SABRAttack +16 for self †Onrac
BLNDCast blind on enemies
8NUKE60,000Do 100–400 damage, unevadableLefein
STOPStop all enemies from attackingGaia
ZAP!Teleport enemies to another dimension
XXXXAnnihilate an enemy with less than 300 HP

In the NES version, does not work.
In the NES version, always misses.
§In the NES version, Evade +20% for all enemies.

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