Castlevania II — Simon's Quest

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This is based on an old version of Castlevania II. According to Kurt Kalata, a later version has some corrections.

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East of Ferry

                 Veros    Dabi's Aljiba                       Woods
  Ferry          Woods     Path  Woods             *-*-k-t-f-*-*-*-*-*-*
    ...*-m-c-*-*-*-*-*-h-*-*-s-q-*-*-e-o-*-l-*-r-p/               \g-v-*-z
   Dead     Jova    \--d--/       \*-y
   River    Woods                     \i

West of Ferry (Without Dracula's Heart)

        Woods   Ferry

West of Ferry (With Dracula's Heart)

     Woods      Ferry

aTown of OldonMorning Star (200), Laurel (50)
bTown of AldraLaurel (50), Garlic (50), Red Crystal
cTown of JovaHoly Water (50), Thorn Whip (100), White Crystal (50)
dTown of VerosDagger (50), Chain Whip (150), Clue
eTown of AljibaLaurel (50), Garlic (50), Blue Crystal, Clue
fTown of FetraLaurel (50)
gTown of Ghulash 
hBerkeley MansionOak Staff, Dracula's Rib, 3 Clues
iRover MansionOak Staff, Dracula's Heart, 2 Clues
jBrahm's MansionOak Staff, Gold Knife, Dracula's Eyeball, 2 Clues
kBodley MansionOak Staff, Dracula's Nail, Clue
lLaruba's MansionOak Staff, Dracula's Ring, Cross, Laurel
mBelasco Marsh 
nGraveyardSilk Bag
oCamilla CemeterySilver Knife
p Fire Whip
q Clue
r Clue
s Sacred Flame
tWicked Ditch 
vVrad's Graveyard 
wJam Wasteland,
Deborah Cliff
xDenis WoodsDiamond
yYuba Lake 
zDracula's CastleDracula


(d) Clear a path at Berkeley Mansion with a White Crystal.
(e) An old gypsy holds the diamond in front of Deborah Cliff. [In middle house.]
(h) A symbol of evil will appear when you strike the Stake.
(h) Destroy the Curse and you'll rule Brahm's Mansion. [H18]
(h) A Flame flickers inside the Ring of Fire. [s]
(i) Destroy the Curse with Dracula's Heart. [H18]
(i) Garlic in the Graveyard summons a stranger. [o]
(j) Place the Laurels in a Silk Bag to bring them to life. [n]
(j) Wait for a soul with a Red Crystal on Deborah Cliff. [w]
(k) The Curse has killed the laurel tree.
(q) To replenish Earth, kneel by the lake with the Blue Crystal. [y]
(r) Dracula's evil Knife blurs Camilla's vision. [o]
(w) Dracula's Nail may solve the evil mystery. [k]


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Hints from JOVA

H1. First thing to do in this town is buy a White Crystal.
H2. A crooked trader is offering bum deals in this town.
H3. A flame is on top of the 6th tree in Denis Woods.
H4. Rumor has it, the Ferryman at Dead River loves garlic.
H5. 13 clues will solve Dracula's Riddle.
H6. You have a friend in the town of Aldra. Go and see him. [b]
H7. A Magic Potion will destroy the Wall of Evil.
H8. Clues to Dracula's Riddle are in the Town of Veros.

Hints from VEROS

H9. Clues to Dracula's Riddle are in the Town of Alba [Aljiba]. [a]
H10. Clues to Dracula's Riddle are in Berkeley Mansion. [g]
H11. You've got a friend waiting for you in the Town of Aljiba. [e]
H12. A Rib can shield you from evil.
H13. Laurels in your soup enhances its aroma.

Hints from ALJIBA

H14. Buy some Garlic. It has special powers.
H15. Clues to Dracula's Riddle are in the Veros Woods. [q]
H16. Clues to Dracula's Riddle are in Rover Mansion. [h]
H17. A Laurel will protect you from the Poison Marsh.
H18. The Dead River waits to be freed from its curse.
H19. To restore your life, shout in front of the church.
H20. Dracula's Eyeball reflects the curse.

Hints from ALDRA

H21. Hit Deborah Cliff with your head to make a hole.
H22. I'll see you at midnight on the river bank.
H23. Sorry, Pal, no time now, maybe later.
H24. Get a silk bag from the Graveyard Duck to live longer.
H25. I've been waiting for a good looking guy like you.
H26. I want to get to know you better.

Hints from OLDON

H27. Dig up the 4th grave in the Cemetery for a Diamond.
H28. When I was your age, women loved me.
H29. Take my daughter, please!!
H30. Believe in magic and you'll be saved.
H31. Don't make me stay. I'll die.
H32. Don't look into the Death Star, or you will die.

Hints from FETRA

H33. After Castlevania I warned you not to return.
H34. You've upset the people. Now get out of town!!
H35. Get back!!
H36. The Cross in Laruba's Mansion must be found.

Hints from GHULASH

H37. Let's live here together.


infinite lives
weapons don't use power hearts
start with 1 life
start with 8 lives
start with 40 power hearts
start with 80 power hearts
infinite time
keep weapons after losing a life
gain rapid fire shots on weapon pick-up

Sheet Music


The first name of Bram Stoker, author of Dracula.
A female vampire in a novel by J. S. LeFanu.
A Hungarian meat stew. “Ghulash” is a pun on “ghoul.”
Vlad the Impaler, the prototype for Dracula.
Deborah Cliff
An actress who played in The Butterfly Ball.

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