Link's Awakening: Maps

Major Dungeons

  • 1. Tail Cave
    Buzzzz! Buzzzz! Outzzzider!
  • 2. Bottle Grotto
    Nyah nyah! You can't hurt me as long as I have my bottle!
  • 3. Key Cavern (PDF)
    Neener neener! You can't find me! Nyah nyah!
  • 4. Angler's Tunnel (PDF)
    Blooop! Blooop! Glub! Glub! Ogggh! Fooood! Bloooop! Glub!
  • 5. Catfish's Maw (PostScript)
    Keee-hee-heeeh! I shall eat you!
  • 6. North Face Shrine (PostScript)
    Hey dummy! Need a hint? My weak point is ...!!
  • 7. Eagle's Tower (PDF)
    Bah! I'm not going to hold back! I'm going to make you wish you were never born!!
  • 8. Turtle Rock (PDF)
    Crackle-fwooosh! You're finished! I will never let you play the Instruments of the Sirens!
  • Other Maps

  • Moblin Cave (PDF)
    You came here to get me, but it is I who will get you!!
  • Kanalet Castle
    My servants went berserk and I was forced to flee to my villa....
  • South Face Shrine
    Human, monster, sea, sky ... a scene on the lid of a sleeper's eye ...
  • Raft Ride (PDF)
    Hey friend! Have you ever ridden the rapids on a raft?
  • Koholint Island—Points of Interest
  • Koholint Island—Hidden Items

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