The Colonel's Puzzles

… and Mr. Winkle, being greatly puzzled by their manifold windings and twistings, …
—Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers

Geometric Cutout Puzzles

  • The Foxagon Puzzle. With only four pieces, how hard can it be? . . . Heh heh heh.
  • The Hexicator Puzzle. This one has nine pieces!
  • The Poolazoid Puzzle. And this one has ten, all the same shape.
  • The Con Ed Puzzle. This is another four-piece puzzle, and it's a good one to start with.
  • Triple Play Puzzle. This pentomino puzzle was inspired by the start of baseball season.
  • Livio Puzzle. This puzzle honors Livio Zucca, a great pioneer of recreational geometry.
  • N. W. D. Puzzle. A custom cutout puzzle with nine pieces.
  • Twice As Nice Puzzle. Four pieces, two easy puzzles in one.
  • Thrice As Nice Puzzle. A harder version of Twice As Nice.
  • 2019 Puzzle. A cutout puzzle with pieces in four shapes.
  • Geometric 3D Puzzles

  • W's Dilemma. Fit the 15 W-shaped pieces into the box.
  • The Telegraph Puzzle. Join three identical pieces to make a prism.
  • Colonel's Bouquet. Join any two of the four hexacubes to make a symmetric shape.
  • Colonel's Forest. This is like Colonel's Bouquet but with one hexacube and three heptacubes.
  • Hide the Gold. My most popular puzzle, and probably my prettiest!
  • Kaleidoscope Cube. Fit nine nested symmetric pieces together to form a cube with a hole inside.
  • Wood's Hole. Fit the six pieces together to form a cube.
  • Triple Check. Fit 12 checkered solid pentominoes together to make each of three shapes.
  • Non-Geometric Puzzles

  • Crossword-Sudoku Puzzles. First fill in the answers to the clues, then solve the sudoku.
  • Bottle Imp. A puzzle about a popular card game.
  • Flotte Krabbe. A puzzle about an old board game.
  • Miscellaneous Puzzles.
  • Solutions to Lewis Carroll's Four Riddles.

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