The Colonel's Unauthorized Lyrics

Dies Irae

Dies irae
too much beer, I
got the shits, the
heaves and blear-eye

Schubert's Intermezzo

Meat and potatoes, that's what I like best.
Veg'tables are so hard to digest! Give me
Meat and potatoes, morning, noon and night.
That kind of menu makes me feel all right.

[Sheet Music]

Hungarian Rhapsody

Oh dear,
We're out of CHEAP BEER!
I fear I'll break right down and cry some
If you don't run out and buy some.
Don't be slow, Dear,
I need my CHEAP BEER.
It may be greasy, stale and putrid
But it keeps me fat and stupid.


Dead cat!
Ohhhhhhhh …
Dead cat!
Dead cat!
Dead cat!
Dead cat!

C'est Si Bon

C'est si bon
De partir pour Pérou
Au-dessus d'un émou
En chassant des cochons.

Breathe Deep

Breathe deep, the gathering gloom
Pizza boxes fill your room
Roving roaches seal your doom
Run right out and buy a broom,
  You can use the rent money.

Cold-hearted orb that rules the night
Dead flies in your ceiling light
Pipes are grey and plaster white,
But we decide which version's right
  And which one is a parody.

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