Discontinued U. S. Army Bugle Calls

Here is sheet music for some U. S. Army bugle calls that are no longer used. I found most of them in my great-uncle Andrew Nagel's copy of Infantry Drill Regulations (1911). Relief I had by ear from my father, Bernard Sicherman. I have not found it in print or on the Web.

Some of these calls can be heard on the Bugle Calls page at Military Wives.

For current U. S. Army bugle calls, see U. S. Army Bugle Calls at the U. S. Army's website.

All these calls were typeset with PMX, available at the Werner Icking Music Archive.

I have no connection with the U. S. Army.

  • Full Dress
  • Overcoats
  • Stable
  • Water
  • Boots and Saddles
  • To Horse
  • Issue
  • Captains' Call
  • The General
  • Relief
  • Flourishes for Review
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