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Scanable images for Wind Tunnel

Programming Computers for Fun
NJ Pick-6 Lottery Guide as of Oct 23 2014
Tom Lehrer Lyrics
short sci-fi stories:
Around the World
A Short History of the Martian People
A Trip to Mars
Careful What You Wish For
The End is Nigh
The Speed of Light
Timing is Everything
Timing Chart
What a Trip!
Where there is Life
Multiple Universes Movie
A little philosophy:
Chuckles Theory of the Universe
Photon Jai-Alai
Conservation of Misery Principle
The 20 Foot Rule
The Ablative Taste-bud Theory
Salt Blindness - the first to go!
Heisenberg got it wrong!
Why are elements colored?
Why were the Martians green?
Pepsi is for drinking, Coke is for Rum!
Miranda meets the Wedding vows: "Everything you say will be used against you!"
A Poets Dictionary
I LOVE to code!
I will help you convert your old software to a new format:
. 16-bit to 32-bit to 64-bit
. 1 computer language to another
. 1 machine to another
. non-Windows to Windows
. Windows to non-Windows (unix...)
All of the following software is FREE and contains source-code
Click on the ZIP filename to download
Python Software: (Get python FREE from Structure chart for "C" software (who calls whom) Diff two different baselines of software tree List of all Fortran77 and "C" subroutines in tree Structure chart for Fortran77 and "C" software Structure chart for Fortran77 software Search large baselines of software tree in GUI Search large baselines of software tree NJ Pick-6 lottery analysis
Internet Software: Action item database
MS-Windows Software: Intelligent Life in Universe? Program meter ships battle powerful Data-base tool Multi-tasking tools Browze ASCII files A wind tunnel Check local urls Transparent ruler/scale 2 MiniMIDI play/examine MIDI files Graphical Ramjet Sizing program Display Karaoke lyrics from MIDI/Karaoke files
MS-DOS Software: A small easy database GUI Display multimate documents Display wordperfect documents List content of WordPerfect document Display DCA documents Display Wang documents Dump file in hex & ASCII Diff any files, including binary Fill-out form Check local urls Browze ascii files Browze MAC Word documents Browze MultiMate documents Browze WordPerfect documents Browze MS-Word documents html-like ASCII browzer NJ Pick-6 lottery analysis

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