Running these Applets

Most of the pages on my web site have "live illustrations." These actually run little interactive programs called applets. To do what I mean them to do, these applets make some demands on the browser. Pages like the look at Zome, which use three-dimensional graphics, are particularly demanding; the others may be less so.

Increasing Problems with Applets

Applet technology seems to be in trouble. In early 2013, Apple computers disabled applets in the Safari browser. This action was in response to serious security problems in Java plugins. Consequently, most of this web site does not work if viewed by Safari. One can use Firefox 10.0, after installing the Java plugin. I am replacing the applets with JavaScript code. This will take some time.

As of June, 2015, the "live illustrations" that do not involve 3D graphics are re-implemented in JavaScript.

On any system and any browser, if the applets run, but seem to behave erratically, "emptying the cache" may clear up the problem.

On Apple computers

The live illustrations will not run on OS 9 browsers. Some pages will look badly laid out on OS 9 browsers.

For Mac OS X, Apple's browser "Safari" is free, and up-to-date for the needs of this web site. Note, however, that the first version required at least Mac OS X 10.2.8, whereas the latest version requires at least Mac OS X 10.3.

There are other browsers available free on Mac OS X. Firefox is free and is a popular alternative to Safari. Internet Explorer is no longer available for Mac OS X.

Most of my pages look OK on all of these browsers. For the three-dimensional figures, browsers other than Safari need an installation of the Java runtime support version 1.4. This is available to download, but you have to do some more work to get the browsers to use it. Mozilla has an informative page about this.

For three-dimensional effects, my applets depend on Java 3D. This is available from Apple.

In March 2009, I discovered that certain applets in the "Magic Squares" section were not behaving well under Firefox. These applets need to change size to accommodate magic squares of different sizes. Under Firefox, this is not happening correctly.

On Windows

My understanding is that Java is n"WebContent/runningApplets.html"ot pre-installed on Windows computers. It is available from Sun Microsystems. Java3D downloads are also available.

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