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Dürer's Melencolia is the subject of a vast amount of commentary. The Wikipedia page gives some pointers to some of it.

Alexander Bogomolny has a Web site with interesting and interactive treatments of many topics, including magic squares.

Christian Boyer's web site "" is a rich source of information on multimagic squares. (French, English, and German versions.)

Harvey Heinz's web site Magic Squares, Magic Stars & Other Patterns describes many variations on the magic square, with many links to other sites. He also has a Web site devoted to magic cubes.

"Grog" Grogono maintains a Grogono Magic Squares page with (more informally stated) a similar technique to mine.

Susan Alejandre maintains a site with, among other things, a magic square due to Ben Franklin.

Paul C. Pasles has a web site devoted to Ben Franklin's magic squares.

Mitsutoshi Nakamura maintains a site devoted to "Magic cubes and tesseracts."

Books and Papers

Magic Squares and "Mathematical Recreations"

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Linear algebra

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This is a classic text and reference.

• Hausner, Melvin A Vector Space Approach to Geometry, Dover, ISBN 0-486-40452-8

• Kaplansky, Irving Linear Algebra and Geometry: a Second Course, Dover, ISBN 0-486-43233-5

Counting Problems

• Ollerenshaw, Dame Kathleen; Brée, David Most-Perfect Pandiagonal Magic Squares. Their consttruction and enumeration, The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, 1998. (May be ordered from the IMA.)

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