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Many people think that mathematics is horribly difficult. In my opinion, part of the cause of this is that we do not always get to explore mathematical topics by playing around with them. So I mean to provide some software that will enable us to do just that.

For starters, I will provide some interactive geometry—that is, diagrams that you can interact with. Originally, these were implemented as Java "applets." However, the Web became less friendly to Java applets, and by early 2013 their use was no longer allowed by many browsers. I have been (slowly) replacing old applets with JavaScript.

Several of my JavaScript demos rely on the package gl-matrix.js, written by Brandon Jones and Colin MacKenzie IV.

Some demos in the Magic Squares section rely on bigInteger.js, written by Matthew Crumley and John Tobey.

I am developing some interactive software to visualize three-dimensional star polyhedra.

Magic squares are a perennial topic of recreational math. I have discovered an algebraic technique that can be used to create many magic squares, some with additional "magic" properties. The math here is easy, but unfamiliar to many people. I hope to make it more familiar, but still easy.

I am delighted to report that this site was chosen as a Hot Spot (for the month of September 2009) by the Math Forum at Drexel University.

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