The 1997 Reunion

The 1997 Reunion will be held at Camp Lone Star on Friday thru Sunday, July 18th to the 20th in La Grange. Mark your calendars now! Over 70 people attended the 1996 Reunion. Camp Lone Star has added new improvements. Come and experience the fun! The scavenger hunt keeps getting more interesting every year. Volleyball, ping pong, swimming, boating, hot tub, cards, dominos, videos, hiking, and washers all take place at this wonderful fun Family Reunion. So, make your plans now and come join us. We may add golf this year, who knows? See you in La Grange in July!

Some of the extra special events planned for the 1997 Reunion are:

Family Cookbook

The von RosenbergFamily of Texas Cookbook is still available through the Family Treasurer. It is urgent that we continue to sell cookbooks because the funds from the remaining 1,000 books will be used to help finance Vol. III which is in the planning stages. For Cookbooks, write to: William F. von Rosenberg III, 11404 Antler Lane, Austin, TX 78726

Book Inventory

Please send a letter listing any books that you have and quantity of each kind to: William F. von Rosenberg III, 11404 Antler Lane, Austin, TX 78726. This list should include Vol. I & II, Immigration letters, Ancestral Voices, Family Cookbooks and even Coffee Mugs, T-shirts, etc.

Updated Addresses

The Secretary requests all members to please send him updated addresses for those on the "Address Needed" list. Please forward any other significant family events such as marriages, births and deaths to the Family Secretary: Wayne A. Scholz, 326 Brittany Drive, Portage, MI 49024

1999 Reunion

The 1999 Reunion will mark the 150th anniversary of the arrival of our ancestors in Texas. We are planning on making the 1999 Reunion an extra special event. Come with your ideas to really make this a special year to remember!

Volume III

We will be discussing the next steps for Vol. III. If you have experience with genealogical software, please volunteer to help with this. Watch the upcoming spring newsletter for more details of the 1997 Reunion!!

Check out the minutes from our past reunion.

Check out the officers.