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Summer Evening Flag Ceremony
It's a Tradition. Every sunset, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, there's a ceremony. It goes like this: first, Marvin Hume, the owner of Sunset Beach (which includes three gift shops and a snack bar), asks for children to volunteer to help lower the flag. Many families reserve a night for their children to lower the flag a year in advance. The children are told that there is a proper way to fold the flag, and that they will be shown how to do it. The flags at Sunset Beach are special. They are all U.S. servicemen's casket flags. When you visit, ask Mr. Hume about some of the stories behind these flags, and how he came by them. As the sun sets, the pounding of the surf is joined by Kate Smith singing "God Bless America." A crowd gathers, and the National Anthem is played. Some people salute. Then Taps is played, and the children lower the flag, being careful to catch it so that it doesn't touch the ground. The children then fold the flag under the instruction of Mr. Hume, as the crowd wanders back down to the beach to watch the setting sun, the waves, perhaps a far-off ocean-going ship or the Cape May Ferry.


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Archer Epler is proud to have been part of the Evening Flag Ceremony in honoring the nations heroes.

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