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Forbidden Knowledge

The Original Sin
A journey into forbidden knowledge

Your disinterest in this topic is a confirmation of the veil between you and God
and the secret processes of the invisible world.

"Have you ever wondered why heaven has come to be considered "up there?"  It's because of the ETs who came to Earth, and the people who knew them and who saw them come down, who saw some humans go up with them, humans who helped them wake up after their long sleep through space travel.   They felt that since these beings came from the sky, and certainly possessed different and amazing technology and abilities, and these beings they saw as gods, then that meant, was interpreted as meaning, that heaven was up in the sky.  Of course, many of those ETs wanted it that way.

"Mythology is based on something real.  I'm sure I'm not the only person saying this: First what one witnesses and experiences is real, then it becomes history, later on it becomes legend, and then as more time passes it turns into myth.  But it's all based on something that actually happened.  Trace back any ancient myth and you'll see how all over the world they're pretty much the same story.  How can that be if it wasn't based on something that actually existed?  Did everyone all over the planet suddenly create the same "story," the same depictions of aliens, much of the same artwork and technology and writing?

"When Jesus ascended to be with his "father in heaven" - where do you think he went? In the spaceship with his family, those whose voices, along with other multidimensional beings whose voices he heard (and often confused him).  That's why humans wanted to go up there with him.  That's why people think God is this guy in the sky, and is the one who will come down here and give us miracles and only if we go with them will we be saved.

"This is also why the Egyptians did everything possible to preserve the body after death, because by imitating the gods they believed that only with their physical body could they reach heaven and the gods.  The sarcophagus was like cyrogenics they saw in the ET ships.  Sleeping gods on their way back to heaven.  Total misunderstanding.  Even when ancient religions tried to teach people that there is only one God, and it's not some ET/alien in a ship, people didn't listen because it wasn't tangible, it wasn't something they could handle being so abstract as the notion was.   It sure was easier to conceive of an ET being an angel than some extraterrestrial life form."

E. Nora Amrani

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Left: Bruce Cornet with his grandfather (Henry Luis Birge, 32nd Freemason) and his grandmother (Mabel Flagg Birge), 1946.  Henry Birge owned the Post Carpet Company in Hartford, Connecticut.  He was contracted to decorate the Blue Room in the White House.

Bruce Cornet was born three months premature in 1945!  He weighed only 3.25 pounds at the time of his birth at 7:00 pm, Sunset (Horem-akhet or "Horus of the Horizon").  He spent eleven weeks in the first human incubator.  More information on his unusual birth date (31 August 1945: the time the Egyptian Enad was in celebration) when all the planets and sun were aligned, can be found in The Original Sin.


An unforgettable love story that is filled with hope for all of us.

The Passion of Bonnie

She said, "I love you more than you will ever know," but why couldn't she tell him that she knew she was about to die at age 40?


  "We fought extradition to New Jersey for the next 21 months, and went through nine court dates (1984: 10 May, 27 July, 27 September; 1985: 9 January, 16 August, 30 August, 20 September, 25 October, and 6 November). Most of the court dates were cancelled due either to her being in a hospital, to letters from her psychiatrist regarding her poor health and inability to travel, or to legal maneuvers by our lawyer and the Assistant D.A. of Texas. On 10 May 1984 she was supposed to appear in court, but ended up in the hospital just before that date suffering from recurrences of grand mal seizures, angina attacks, blood imbalance, and kidney failure - all brought on by fear of being dragged back to New Jersey in handcuffs and dying in a Camden County jail or prison infirmary from lack of adequate medical care and inhumane treatment - over a case of alleged fraud instigated by a corrupt welfare case worker. If three days in a Texas jail was bad, she had good reason to fear a forced trip to New Jersey into the hands of a prosecutor who by all indications was blind to the truth and possessed by prejudice; either that or he just didn't care. This case became more an ordeal of persecution than prosecution, where a small welfare overpayment and prosecuting the practice of the law meant more to New Jersey than human welfare and life.

  "On 6 November 1985 she appeared in court before Judge Poe (the hanging judge) with Chuckie, me, and our lawyer, Bill Harmeyer, by her side awaiting the arrival of someone from New Jersey to pick her up. No one showed, and Judge Poe summarily granted her a habeas corpus, and sent the Governor's warrant back to New Jersey. Our legal ordeal was over. We won our 21 month battle with New Jersey after we played our trump cards - my lawyer sent through the Houston Assistant D.A.'s office documented proof to the prosecutor in Camden County that showed that the case worker and welfare department had lied to the grand jury and framed her. The New Jersey prosecutor then knew that if he brought Bonnie back he would have no case, Bonnie could sue for medical damage and wrongful arrest (or worse could happen if she died in their custody), and a whole can of worms would be opened up in Camden County. We knew that the prison system would not give her adequate medical care because of her extreme and sensitive medical conditions. At the time she was taking about 20 prescription medications and high potency vitamins, and as many as 12 medications daily for cardiomyopathy and angina, epilepsy, thrombophlebitis in her left leg, colitis, thyroid and kidney dysfunction, extreme potassium deficiency (hypokalemia), water retention around the heart, and pain."

Where Heavens Meet Website

Chronicles the amazing story of k.t. Frankovich from her extraordinary childhood
to her adult paranormal experiences including ET encounters.

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"This book is so's many books in one...This book is a revelation
unlike anything I have ever read before."
-Hunter Todd

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