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To listen to Dr. Cornet discuss the geology of Yellowstone on Earth Changes TV, go to

Yellowstone Updates

Periodicity of 'Yellowstone' Eruptions (a dying hotspot?)

Yellowstone Earthquake Trend (1973-2002, from online Univ. of Utah data)

Scot Stride and Bruce Cornet (on right) receive Best Ideas Award at the SETICon3 conference (College of New Jersey) on 26 April 2003 (awards presented on left by Allen Tough and Rob Lodder)

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Contact in Context

Solar System SETI Using Radio Telescope Arrays
Bruce Cornet and Scot L. Stride

Online Presentation

Dr. Ellen Crystall, author of Silent Invasion, died Monday,
16 December 2002, after a 2 1/2 year battle with pancreatic cancer.

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1950 - 2002

She is buried at Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Islin, NJ

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