Four Criteria the History Channel Recognizes for UFO Vortexes.

  1. Sacred. The site is considered sacred or hallowed, and is frequently marked with ancient monuments.

  2. Energy. There is an energy field in the area that differs from the surrounding countryside.

  3. History. There is a long term and ongoing history of UFO sightings or other anomalous experiences.

  4. Military. There is always a military presence nearby.


VORTEX-1thmb.JPG (46006 bytes)

Time exposure (72 seconds) taken on 28 April 1993.  Looking due East.

1. The vortex image (above) occurred directly over an area containing an Indian sacred mound:

IndianMound.jpg (96152 bytes)

2. A magnetic survey was conducted between 1992 and 1995. The Indian Mound area exhibited extreme fluctuations in background magnetization over a period of one hour. Commercial aircraft flying over this area on approach to Stewart International Airport (nine miles away) sometimes lost their instrumentation and nearly crashed into the forest and fields below (documented at

On 31 May 1995, as Cornet was photographing a set of plasma lights flying over the Indian Mound, he saw a flash coming from that mound.  When he got his pictures back, he was surprised to see a golden pyramid shape with a splay of light projecting up through it.  Pyramid means: Light in the Middle.  Later fluxgate magnetic measurements on the mound revealed a magnetic pyramid-shaped field over the mound.

GOLDPYR4sm.jpg (25910 bytes)

3. This location is considered a UFO Hotspot, because dozens of anomalous lights and objects have been witnessed (and photographed) emerging from this location and disappearing into the ground around this location.  UFO activity in this region goes back at least to the 1960s.

slide0097_image195.jpg (23520 bytes)

Activity plotted over UFO Hotspot from 2 July to 7 October 1992.

liftoff_Oct95.jpg (34232 bytes)

Lift-off of triangular craft from circular feature to west of Indian Mound on
28 October 1995. More pictures are available at Figs. 23 and 24.

lift-off_24Oct94sm.jpg (18072 bytes)

Lift-off from farm field with small trees, on 24 October 1994 at north end of West Searsville Rd. Numerous witnesses (including George Filer). Note initial ionization of air (red) around paired headlights. Silent. At end of aerobatics, this craft dove into a forest and disappeared below ground. More pictures are available at Plates 3 and 4.

4. Stewart Army and Air Force Base is located eight miles southeast of the UFO Hotspot on the east side of the Wallkill River Valley (on west side of Newburgh, NY).

StewartAFBsm.jpg (227566 bytes)

A Special Operations airstrip with underground bunkers existed about four miles north of the hotspot, but was decommissioned and turned into a bird sanctuary in September 2000. It was initially built during WWII.  Unusual pictures appeared in GEOSKOP, Journal GEO, Nr. 6 / June 1998, of a brachiopod-shaped craft flying over this airstrip, and a picture of it being serviced in an underground bunker.  Whether true or a hoax, this airstrip was leaked as a possible UFO testing/research facility.   Check it out at:

SPECOPSsm.jpg (15504 bytes)Feb1998.jpg (17402 bytes)

Another WWII military landing field existed just north of the town of Montgomery, which is located south of the UFO Hotspot.  Today it is a golf course.  The two runways can still be detected, but they have mature trees growing on them.  An unusual incident occurred on 2 October 1992, when Cornet and two witnesses observed a UFO attempting to land at this obsolete airfield.  Two days later Cornet took magnetic measurements at this landing field, and observed a C-5 military transport aircraft circling above that same spot.

WWII_airfield.jpg (50970 bytes)

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