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Computer Camps Summer 1996

Pack your kids off to a summer adventure in discovery and fun that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Futurekids Computer Camp combines the latest in computer technology with themes kids love. Camp curricula are organized in one week sessions. Start with one camp, or spend the entire summer with us. Camps fill quickly. Call Futurekids of Shrewsbury now to reserve your place!

Summer Camp Requirements

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1996 Computer Camp Schedule

Ocean AdventureJuly 1-3 4-8 years
Hi-Tech Fashion Designer July 1-39 & up
Mickey's Birthday Surprise July 8-114-8
Space AdventureJuly 8-11 6-12
Young Inventors July 15-185-9
Jr. Entreprenuer/Multimedia Director July 15-199 & up
Jurassic Days (Dinosaurs) July 22-254-10
Sports FeverJuly 22-25 8 & up
Storybook Maker July 29 - Aug 14-7
RoboticsJuly 29 - Aug 1 9& up
Mystery CampAug 5-8 8 & up
Chaos CampAug 5-8 9 & up
Young Architects Aug 12-158 & up
Jr. Entrepreneur/Multimedia Director Aug 19-239 & up
Monster ManiaAug 26-29 4-9

Ocean Adventure

Get into the water at FUTUREKIDS. Swim along with us below the Great Barrier Reef. Create a storybook of your dive and fill it with pictures of your favorite adventures of the deep in your own pop-up book.

Session #1A: July 1-3, 9:15-12:15, 3 classes, $135, ages 4-8

Hi-Tech Fashion Designer

Fashionable WomanEach young fashion designer will prepare a computerized fashion show. Learn how to use a computer drawing and scanning tool to create a portfolio of original clothes and accessory designs. Present your fashions in a multimedia show complete with music and sound to high fashion buyers (your parents) at the last class.

Session #1B: July 1-3, 1:15-4:15, 3 classes, $135, ages 9 & up

Mickey's Birthday Surprise

You'll be in fun up to your ears with Disney and a computer. It's truly a magic kingdom when you put Disney characters and computers in the same room with kids. Using Educational Software, you'll explore a whole new world of numbers, letters, shapes, colors and puzzles. We'll even plan a Birthday Surprise for Mickey himself. The kids will make the cards, posters and other special things for the party. Don't miss this camp, it has been a hit every year and is sure to fill quickly.

Session #2A: July 8-11, 9:15-12:15, 4 classes, $175, ages 4-8

Space Adventure

Explore the Solar System from your computer console Calling all would-be Trekkies! Blast off on the Internet to NASA's home page to view the rings of Saturn "up close and personal".

Session #2B: July 8-11, 1:15-4:15, 4 classes, $175, ages 6-12

Young Inventors

Use your imagination and a computer to invent a new toy or game. This camp is all about creating things. Students make crafts, masks and posters, and add pictures to stories about their favorite toys

Session #3A: July 15-18, 9:15-12:15, 4 classes, $175, ages 5-9

Jr. Entrepreneurs/Multimedia Director

Be the boss of your own company! Make a multimedia presentation to sell and promote your idea. Build your own business from scratch. It could be a chocolate factory, a video arcade or anything you can imagine. Use your creative skills and the power of the computer to design a logo and business cards. Produce and direct a presentation, using video, sound, and/or animation to present your idea to your customers(your parents).

Session #3B: July 15-18, 1:15- 4:15, 5 classes, $220, ages 9 & up
Session #8A: Aug 19-23, 9:15-12:15, 5 classes, $220, ages 9 & up

Jurassic Days

Our Jr. Paleontologists will journey back into time using the state of the art multi-media programs to discover dinosaurs. We will even design our own dinosaurs to see how they would have fared. Along the way we will see movies, create pictures, write and tell stories all having to do with these great beasts of the past using the magic of the computer. A special visit is planned from the curator of the museum at Brookdale who will bring real dinosaur bones and artifacts. This camp is perfect for even the youngest paleontologist. A big hit every summer, don't miss it!

Session #4A: July 22-25, 9:15 - 12:15, 4 classes, $175, ages 4-10

Sports Fever

Batter up, take a shot, go deep for a long one ....join the FUTUREKIDS team as we race for the playoffs. We'll calculate the stats, design team logos and pennants, and publish our very own sports card featuring your own championship kids. This camp is a must for any sports fan. It's fun and easy using the power of databases, graphics, scanners, desktop publishers and printers. Don't strike out - join the FUTUREKIDS All-Star Team!

Session #4B: July 29-Aug1, 1:15-4:15, 4 classes, $175, ages 8 & up

Storybook Maker

Create your own book of favorite stories and pictures. You'll use the famous Living Book software to enter the fascinating world of children's literature. By the end of camp, your words and pictures will be in your personal storybook to keep forever.

Session #5A: July 29 - Aug 1, 9:15 - 12:15, 4 classes, $175.00, ages 4-7


Build your favorite machine then bring it to life with a computer. If you like LEGOs you'll love Robotics camp. As a young inventor and engineer you'll build half a dozen machines out of LEGO parts-including gears, wheels, motors, and sensors- then hook them to a computer and control them with programs you write yourself. These activities engage the children in the process of discovery, while at the same time developing important problem solving skills.

Session #5B: July 29 - Aug 1, 1:15 - 4:15, 4 classes, $220, ages 9 & up

Mystery Camp

After this camp, you could be the next Sherlock Holmes. Unlock the secret to the riddle of the Sphinx. Find the solution to classic puzzles that are centuries old. Have fun with puns and plays on words. You'll be challenged every minute to think creatively, imaginatively and logically.

Session #6A: Aug 5-8, 9:15-12:15, 4 classes, $175, ages 8 & up

Chaos Camp

This Camp is for the child who has the burning need to know everything. The Science of Chaos looks at random systems to find a hidden order or pattern. The theory was talked about and made popular from the Jurassic Park movie and book. Chaos will allow us to explore how software actually works. This Camp will work with advanced aspects of logic, math and science as well as examining computer programming. It's for the child who enjoys a challenge and has at least intermediate computer skills.

Session #6B: Aug 26-29, 1:15 - 4:15, 4 classes, $175, ages 9 & up

Young Architects

Our young architect will build their own 3-D city right from the computer. Graphics and CAD programs help bring out our kids creativity as they build and remodel their own metropolis.

Session #7A: Aug 12-15, 12:15-4:15, 4 classes, $175, ages 8 & up

Monster Mania

Our own Dr. Frankensteins will design their own monsters, and monster movies. They will host a feature presentation of their work wearing their own monster masks. They make and tell silly, scary monster stories. A hair raising fun time for all.

Session #9A: Aug 26-29, 9:15-12:15, 4 classes, $175, ages 4-9

Summer Camp Requirements

No prior computer experience is needed.

All sessions meet for 3 hours each day (mornings from 9:15-12:15 or afternoons from 1:15-4:15). Class sizes will be small to maintain an optimal student to teacher ratio. Children are always matched by age and ability.

To register, or for more information, please call Futurekids of Shrewsbury at (908) 747-6565. Take advantage of our Early Bird Discount: pay in full by May 15 to receive a 10% discount. A 50% deposit is required at time of registration.

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