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The mission of Futurekids is to prepare our children for the future by giving them the edge they'll need to thrive in a world where technological knowledge and computer literacy are crucial to their success. By making computer instruction "fun" Futurekids helps children learn to love learning.

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What's New?

Our '96 Computer Camp Schedule is hot off the "press." Sign up before May 15 to receive an Early Bird Discount.

Special Kids Internet Class Tuesday, June 4th , 4:30-6:00pm
Learn to surf the Internet and other cool stuff. Call now to reserve your spot.

About Futurekids

Futurekids is the world's leading educator of children with over 1,500 schools and teaching centers in 70 countries. The learning center in Shrewsbury, NJ offers computer classes for both children and adults. Each Futurekids class is taught by a certified NJ teacher, using the latest computer hardware and software.

Classes for children are theme-based. We use the computer as a tool to explore everything from art to music to marine science. Students are matched by age and ability into small classes of 4 - 6 students. For more specific class information see Classes for Kids.

Classes for adults aim to provide the same kind of fun and exciting introduction to computer technology that we provide children. Futurekids will help you master your home budget, work with your kids, write that letter to your friends, and manage your holiday card list. For more specific information see Classes for Adults.

For more information please call Futurekids at (908) 747-6565.
Or e-mail us at: 72742.121@compuserve.com
Or write us at: Futurekids, 555 Shrewsbury Avenue, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702