1a C14H12O5

7a Uncanny, so as to arouse superstitious fear; weird.

8a What mercury made the hatter.

12a Sodium metaaluminate (formula).

15a Found in many good catalysts; element 78.

16a Compound of the same formula but differing structure.

17a Moon of Jupiter.

19a According to safety rules, what every container of chemicals in a laboratory must have.

22a Devices that continuously supplies fresh solvent for the extraction of compounds from solids.

25a The Big Apple.

26a Not off.

27a Bond in which one or more electrons is transferred.

30a Element 70.

32a That is.

33a Lacking H2O; Extremely dry.

34a One in Scottish or Atomic Energy (abr.).

35a "within" as in -thermic.

36a Delerium tremens (abr.).

38a Inert gaseous element, orange-red in discharge lamps.

40a Where being first is important in lists of scientists.

42a Metal bearing mineral or rock.

43a Method of detecting 14C (abr.)

44a Egg-shaped.



1d 1865 discoverer of the structure of benzene

2d Not him.

3d Element 68

4d Element 3

5d Light emitting diode (abr.)

6d 10-9, one billionth part in US.

8d Milk of Mg(OH)2.

9d What to drink when there is no beer.

10d A head fellow, tutor of a college, Engl.

13d Before a noun beginning with a vowel, and h if unstressed

14d Balancer for the equation: SO32- + H2O = SO42- + 2H+ + ?

15d Self-replicating protein, possibly.

16d The state of being a finely divided solid suspended in a liquid.

18d The scrooge of capillary GC columns and anaerobic bacteria.

20d Bronze color.

21d Bacillus thuringiensis (abr.)

23d GC detector with a flame.

24d The univalent group -C=N

28d Period of Paleozoic era, 440,000,00 to 500,000,000 years ago (abr.).

29d The univalent group -NO2

31d What to drink before 9d.

37d Airport code for city where Fermi et al. initiated the first controlled fission.

39d Old English.