uch of the time while in Spain was spent in Seville, which was the "home base" from which the exploring was done.

Some of the trips were just day trips into the surrounding countryside
or to visit nearby towns and cities. Other trips, such as to the shore, were for a couple of days or even weeks. Wherever we went, there never seemed to be enough time to see or do everything we wanted to. Of course, now I want to go back to see and experience more of Spain and get even more pictures!

Wherever we went, there was a plethora of sensations, from beautiful vistas, quaint old towns with narrow winding cobblestoned streets, an abundance of fascinating archaelogical sites, unusual plants and many other natural items of interest to explore.... a seemingly never ending variety of things to discover and enjoy.

The Spain part of the album has separate sections for the main areas visited because there were so many pictures that they needed to be broken into groups just to keep track of them.