e went through the city of Merida on our trip to Lisbon. Once again we encountered Roman ruins. The day was incredibly hot, about 120 degrees F, give or take a degree, so after a quick trip around the major outdoor ruins, we sought relief from the heat in the nearby museum which had many artifacts such as busts, stone coffins, columns and other works of art that had been excavated. In addition to the heat, which discouraged an extended period of wandering around and picture taking outside, we were not permitted to take pictures inside the museum, so unfortunately there aren't many pictures from Merida.

The coliseum was rather impressive, and it was interesting trying to imagine what it would have been like with the bottom part filled with water so that the gladiators could fight each other from boats. They sure went to great lengths to create a spectacle.

There was also an old Roman theater there which was in surprisingly good shape. People were going to be using it for some sort of a concert when we were on our way through. We didn't stay late enough to watch the performance, because we wanted to get to Portugal.

This photo is a study in contrasts. It was taken from the walls of a Roman fort, looking down the river at two bridges. The one in the foreground is an old Roman bridge that is over 1500 years old. I do not believe it was still in use by vehicles as the one in Cordoba still is. The newer one seen in the background is the one we drove into town on, seen a little closer below.

It is yet another of the bridges that I saw in Spain that had a very artistic quality to its design.