his is a a view of "The Rock" from the back side, taken from the hill after having gone up to the top via the cable car.

This is a the view of the town of Gibraltar from the top of the hill, with Spain across the bay in the background. The only flat area useable for the airport is in the right of the picture, about half way up. The way they let people in is to wait until there are no planes landing, then you are allowed to drive across the runway to get into Gibraltar. The place is often crowded, so we parked in Spain and rode a bus over to Gibraltar.

This is a picture of one of the Barbary apes that live on the rock. Although there were signs around warning people to be careful around them, they seemed to be rather tame. It was obvious that they were often fed by tourists, because they did not seem to be at all intimidated by humans, and ate handouts left for them by people. They did not seem to be in particularly good health, however,with some looking very mangey.

On our way back home from visiting Gibraltar, we were able to look across the strait and see northern Africa.