This little web site is a work in progress. When I have the time, I add more to it. Most of what I have worked on so far documents a trip I took a couple of years ago to the Iberian peninsula (mostly Spain), hence the little map to the right, so that people can see the locations of the places described later. Gradually, over quite a bit of time, I have been assembling a collection of online photo albums of some of the places I visited while there.

There are two main reasons that I have assembled this pictorial tour - first, to share with everyone what wonderful places Spain and Portugal are, and secondly, to give me something to go through from time to time so as to bring back my memories from the trip of all the neat things I saw and did. The pictures are mainly of things or people that caught my interest as I was passin' through. I have many more pictures that I plan to add later when I have more time....

A word of warning, although I have tried to make the pictures small so as to load quickly, given the number of pictures, if you do not have a reasonably fast link, the pages may take a while to load..... Hopefully it is worth the wait. I will continue to optimize the graphics as I get the time.

The album portion of this site is best viewed with a color depth of at least 64k colors and 800x600 screen resolution.

Well, let's start on the trip already!