The Dean Martin Collectors Club

Dean Martin continues to entertain.

His long career in almost every area of show business insures his fans of endless songs, fun and pleasure for many, many years to come.

The Dean Martin Collectors Club Site

is dedicated to those fans who collect Dean's records, CDs, movies, posters, lobby cards, video tapes of performances and the hundreds and hundreds of misc. items, pictures and articles about Dean and his career.

Dean had not only one career, he had many!

Movies, recordings, radio, television, nightclubs...he was funny, dramatic and always entertaining.

Enter the world of Dean Martin...

A Showman Unmatched!

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The Dean Martin Collectors Club Site is maintained by Jim Monaco, a fan of Dean's for over 40 years. Collecting anything regarding Dean for all those years, Jim has amassed over 160 LPs, over 100 CDs, hundreds of audio tapes, posters and memorabelia from all of Dean's movies, Martin & Lewis puppets, video tapes of shows, movies, other words, a HUGE collection, including numerous articles from magazines, books, newspapers, etc., etc., etc.

The Dean Martin Collectors Club will try not to duplicate information already being made available by other Dean Martin Pages. Fans should be able to enjoy all of the materials and information being offered by others dedicated to the continuing legacy of Dean Martin.

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Newest items to my collection:

Legends Collection from England (jugs with handles in the back)

3 foot high statue of Dean sitting on a stool with a cigarette in one hand and a glass in the other.

The Rat Pack as one unit (The guy with the hat is yours truly)

Dino relaxing in the same pose as the smaller statue. This one is life size, with bow tie as compared to the smaller one with a regular long tie.

A full wall mural from Mexico, hand painted, for the movie Who's got the action?

Small statuette Animated singing figure

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